At Ohkita Technologies, we focus squarely on the products we deliver to customers.
At all times, we follow the maxim “be true to yourself.”
For over 40 years, we’ve put our heart and soul into monozukuri-the art of manufacturing.
There has been more than just quality, price, delivery, and service to our success: we believe that the many
opportunities we have had to develop products together with customers have been the result of our
dedication and pride in manufacturing products with sincerity.
We continue to forge ahead with the firm belief that our worldwide customers can share and respect
our philosophy on manufacturing.

Major Achievements

Our battery cases and other components are used in industrial batteries in many
high-tech applications where reliability is vital, such as in aerospace and electric vehicles.

Aircraft Applications

We manufacture the cases and lid assemblies for lithium-ion batteries.
We handle special process quality control, and we have a proven track record in welding
0.1 mm and thinner safety valves that release when the pressure gets too high inside
battery cases.

Aircraft Applications

Space Applications

Space Applications

Our battery components are also used on Japan’s H-IIA rocket.

Many of our components are used in batteries for outer space
applications, such as in rockets, satellites, and the International
Space Station, where quality requirements are extremely stringent.

Space Applications

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Applications

We make components for prototypes of the batteries that power electric and hybrid
vehicles. We have a proven track record in providing aluminum and stainless steel battery
cases for manufacturers of cars, batteries, and condensers.

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Applications

Submersible Applications

One of our components is used for batteries on the Shinkai 6500 manned research
submersible, which is owned by JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and

Submersible Applications

Ohkita’s industrial battery components are used widely in fields such as outer space, aviation, and
submersibles-areas where the crucial machine components must operate without fail and meet the
highest standards of reliability and traceability.

Products and Technologies

Welded Battery Cases

●High precision, superb fit with lid

We use laser welding, GTA welding, and spot welding to make high-quality products.
Our strength lies in our ability to create battery cases by combining welding technology
and high-precision press technology. We can make cases from materials such as stainless
steel, aluminum alloy, and titanium.

●Thoroughly airtight

We conduct helium leak testing on all products to ensure airtightness. We also offer
penetrant testing on request.

●Can weld sheet thicknesses under 0.1 mm

We have more than 10 years of experience in welding sheet thicknesses under 0.1 mm
-for example, with safety valves.

The advantages of welded battery cases

  • No depth limit

  • Radiuses can be made small

  • Can respond flexibly to dimensional changes

  • Short delivery times

  • Can reduce overall cost
  • Craftsmanship

    Aluminum case just 3 × 5 mm in size!
    Welded Battery Cases
    Photo:Comparison with peanut and grains of rice

    Welded Battery Cases

    Stainless steel cases, aluminum cases, titanium cases

    Welded Battery Cases

    Electrodeposition coating for insulation

    We perform electrodeposition to insulate metals such as stainless steel, copper,
    and aluminum. For this process, we use Nippon Paint Industrial Coatings’ Insuleed.
    This high-performance electrocoating material has the following features:


  • Superb strength and chemical resistance, thanks to high crosslink density achieved by bake hardning.
  • The thickness of the coating is about 30μm.
  • It can be voltage proof up to 1000V depending on surface conditions.
  • Also it strongly protects metals form corrosion even by sea water.
  • This allows coating of parts with complex shapes and is different from insulation films.
  • Electrodeposition coating for insulation

    Electrodeposition coating for insulation

    Coating can be formed onto complex shapes
    that are difficult to cover with insulation
    tubes and insulation film

    Electrodeposition coating for insulation

    Can be done on parts
    under 10 mm in size

    Lid Assemblies

    We have a proven track record in supplying lid assemblies and other components
    for lithium-ion battery used in private-sector aircraft. According to customer
    needs, we make or procure the lid, the current collector, the terminals, and the
    sealing and we then assemble these into a unit to sell. We can also perform
    helium leak testing. We handle everything from assembly of customer-designed
    lids to proposals for the design stage. The lid fits securely onto the case.
    Seal welding can also be carried out.

    Lid Assemblies

    Ohkita’s Manufacturing Process

    Laser welding
    Laser welding *

    GTA welding
    GTA welding *

    Spot welding
    Spot welding *



    Waterjet cutter
    Waterjet cutter

    Riveting *

    Soldering *

    Silver brazing
    Silver brazing *

    Silver chloride sheet manufacture (rolling)
    Silver chloride sheet
    manufacture (rolling)

    Electrodeposition coating

    * Manufactured under special process control rules specified according to customer requests.


    Certified for JIS Q 9100

    Our Shimamoto Factory was certified in September 2015 for JIS Q 9100. This means it
    meets the requirements for quality management systems in the manufacture of special
    battery parts for civil aircrafts and space applications.

    Certified for JIS Q 9100

    Production and Quality Control System

    We take a centralized approach to production and quality control.
      Every stage, from receiving an order to delivering the product, is managed through an integrated
    database. Our manufacturing records ensure that our products are all traceable.


    The 59th Battery Symposium

    At this event-held in Osaka from November 11 to 15, 2019-we displayed our welded
    battery cases and electrodeposition-insulated samples.
    From its roots almost 60 years ago, the Battery Symposium has grown to become one
    of the world’s major battery events. It is held annually by the Electrochemical Society
    of Japan’s Committee of Battery Technology. The symposium provides an open venue
    for reporting and discussing research results and other developments in the materials,
    processes, and systems of primary cells, rechargeable batteries, fuel cells,
    capacitors, and other battery-related items.

    The 59th Battery Symposium

    Order and Production System

    If it’s battery-related, we do it

    We make a wide range of battery components. These include cases, lid assemblies,
    and current collectors for lithium-ion batteries, electrodes for seawater batteries,
    and rolled silver chloride sheets.

    We also have the technical expertise to make outer casings for battery units and
    to solder connectors and lead wires.

    Even for products with complex processes, we can handle most of the processes in-house
    and with strict quality control-everything from making the product to delivering it to
    the customer.

    Always evolving-that’s Ohkita’s DNA

    Always evolving?that’s Ohkita’s DNA

    We do cutting-edge research on large, special-purpose batteries.
    And we use all our experience to support customers and come up with new products,
    while protecting our customers’ confidential information.

    Transaction Flow (example in Japan)

    Ohkita’s Strengths

    Ohkita’s 5 Strengths

  • We use our over 40 years of experience manufacturing battery components to make proposals one step beyond customer requests.

  • We carry out the majority of processes for battery component manufacture in-house-welding, pressing, machining, riveting, soldering, silver chloride sheet rolling, and more-so that we can offer products that meet customers’ exact needs.

  • We specialize in manufacturing ultra-thin (0.1-3.0 mm) welded products using a combination of laser welding, GTA welding, and spot welding so that we can offer customers the very best welded construction.

  • We can provide solutions for electrodeposition coating of metal components.

  • Our Shimamoto Factory was certified in September 2015 for JIS Q 9100. This means it meets the requirements for quality management systems in the manufacture of special battery parts for private-sector aircraft and space applications.

  • Company’s profile

    Established:  May 1977
    Capital: J\ 15,000,000
    Kouji Ohkita
    Employees: 50
    Contents of
    Metal working by Laser/GTA Welder /Press machine
    Riveting and assembly
    Precise Machining
    AgCl sheet processing
    Sales of Silver foil

    Head Office
    5-36-22 Magami-cho, Takatsuki, Osaka, 569-1121 
    TEL +81-72-685-0497
    FAX +81-72-681-8762
    E-mail headoffice@ohkitass.co.jp
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